5 Fitness Tips For Better Health in 2014

Here at beefy chicken, we want to turn over a new leaf and help you get in the best shape of your life for 2014.  In order to help you, learn more we have put together a list of 5 fitness tips you can start following to get in shape in 2014.  Here they are http://www.dietplansforwomen.org/venus-factor-diet-reviews/

1.  Lift Weights – Lifting weights is a great way to build natural test boosters strength, boost metabolism, and get stronger bones.  Try IIFYM if need be.

2.  Eat Breakfast – Numerous studies prove that eating breakfast can ignite your metabolism more than anything else, especially eating a breakfast high in protein.

3.  Sleep - Getting at least 8 hours of venus factor diet sleep can do more for longevity than anything else you can possibly do. When you are asleep, your body releases growth hormone and other fat busting hormones that aid in muscle recovery and more.

4.  Work - Yes, you heard me right, work.  Work, as in performing mental tasks and focusing can build brain power and increase immune function.

5.  Play - Taking time off can do more for immune function that anything else you can possibly do.